How to Receive More Approvals on Your Prior Authorization Requests

The first step to getting your prior authorization requests approved is to submit them with all required supporting documentation. While many insurance companies are making efforts to shorten prior authorization request turnaround time, currently between 2 to 14 business days, this process is often slow and cumbersome, and incomplete applications just add to the overall delays and denials.   

In general, whenever an authorization request is submitted, it can lead to three possible responses: 

  • Approved, 
  • Denied, or 
  • Resubmit with additional information. 

In the cases where requests are returned for missing documentation or lack of medical necessity, many times, the issue could have been avoided through better preparation, and resubmitting the request only lengthens the overall processing time. 

The Pier 17 Authorizations Department is experienced and knowledgeable in obtaining prior authorizations for all specialties and with all local carriers. We know what documentation is required and when. 

By outsourcing your prior authorization tasks to our trained professionals, providers can build a proactive and dedicated approach for submitting completed authorization requests that result in better approval rates and faster resolutions. Contact us today!

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